Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2007



2.)SAMPLE OF A HOME ON ROMBLON (Place wher I will work)

Today is May 24th and it is only 51/2 weeks to go. Hm, I am getting excited but very slowly. I am fairly in time with my preps, gotta go one last time to the tropical institute to do these awful vaccinations, and especially go shopping (I like the fact that I HAVE to go shopping! Cool. ) I need a bagpacker, I need suncream (you know, I'll be going to spend lots of days at the beach....) , comfortable pants, shoes, a sleepinbag, medis, a bandanna as I guess Filipinos are not that used to blonde women... Flight, trip is paid, they got my criminal report (thanks god, I am NOT criminal! yes, I was surprised as well, don't look like that.) What else? Sweet little Benjamin will spend this time two streets away from home at Sandra's place which I am perfectly happy with. Pending is still the rent of my flat, but I had somebody visiting yesterday who is interested. Cross fingers! Got to collect some english books for the kiddies there as written books are very rare. God, I hope I even get there. Got to change in Dubai. I might get, that would be very untypical for me, wouldn't it....? :-)

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luca hat gesagt…

you wont get lost, for shure - sticky things don't get apart that easily ;)
no, serious, i wish you all the best for your journey and especiallly for the work in the projects. ...looking forward to hearing from you.