Freitag, 14. September 2007

Goodbye, Classics, Figures, Christmassongs

My last day in the Philippines. I got back from Panglao Island this morning where I spent another very beautiful week of diving, sunbathing but unfortunately also some fever and reliable immunesystem fighted it successfully but there was no way, after 5pm I lost the I spent my evenings from 5 on in bed watching HBO for about 6 hours and then sleep till 8 - with 2 diet cokes from my minibar on my cheek and fronthead. Nice!! Got up, felt better and could stand till about 5 again - then back to bed. Today I feel still a bit fragile, but not to worry about. The problem was that I left my medis in Manila, convinced, in my last week nothing will happen to me. Sure. Bravo Lucie.

Apropos Lucie Classics - some things do never change.....:

I forgot all my medicine in Basel. / I forgot my connection cable for my cam in Basel and therefore had to buy a Memory card reader, which I most of the time forgot to bring to the Internetcafe. / I travelled to Long Beach, knowing, I will need to go to Boracay one time in these two months to extend my visa. But I forgot my passport in Manila (Eden had to bring it....) / Once being in Boracay and extending the visa, I left my passport in the copymachine of the copycenter (the Copyguy ran after me with it...) / After paying my hotelbill I forgot my credit card at the reception (the receptiongirl ran after me with it...) / I forgot my key in my hotelroom and therefore had to climb in through the window with ONLY my bikini on. / I fell over a boatrope carrying 3 huge bags, straight on my belly. Jen dying from laughing. 10 Filipinos helping me to get up as if I broke both of my legs. / I lost my iPod. (When? Where? How? NO IDEA!!!) / On several weekends in Romblon I forgot either my showerstuff, my camera, my card reader (as mentioned), my towel etc....spend hell of a lot of money to buy forgotten stuff.....Sounds like Lucie? Hm.......

  • Shower with a showerhead and hot water: 30 (from around 200)
  • Different vehicles: 9 >Minifisherboats, Huge Ferrys, Catamarans, Jeepneys, Trycicles, Motorbikes, Busses, Planes, Pick ups (on the back)
  • Drying my hair with a hairdryer: 1
  • Wearing closed shoes: only when running
  • km of Jogging; ca. 280
  • km of swimming: ca. 30
  • Mosquitobites: around 150
  • Jellyfishbites: 2 (all over!!)
  • Eating Mango and Pineapple: 1 a day
  • Eating Pasta: 2
What I will miss:

  • The beauty of this country. The beaches, the forests, the jungle, the villages, the cities, the mountains. Each single day of this trip I was astonished by the contrasts, the diversity and the prettiness of this place. Many times I had to pause, watch and appreciate in disbelief what I saw. It is overwhelming and amazing what this country offers.
  • The helpfulness, the honesty, and the heartiness of the filipinos.
  • The sun, the heat!
  • Diving....
  • The adventure of travelling - the feeling of freedom without having to care about date and time.
  • The Gekos

What I look forward to:
  • Family, friends, BEN!
  • My home
  • Swiss food....
  • Walking down the street without being stared at from everybody
  • Boxtraining
  • My Bicycle

Tradition in the Philippines is, that the pre-Christmas period starts on September 1st. So, sitting on Panglao Island with 35degrees, having breakfast with seaview and look forward to spend my day at the beach - the background music is 'Silent night' / 'Rudy the rednose reindeer' / 'We wish you...' I can't believe it.....

The Philippines, a country, I hardly heard of before, I hardly knew anything about and all of a sudden had a plan to travel there, live there, work there - a country I can only recommend to everybody to visit and a country I fell in love with.



jaecki hat gesagt…

Hallo Lucie
Gespannt habe ich täglich in deinen Blog geschaut, ob es etwas neues hat... es war sehr beruhigend, die tollen photos der landschaft, der menschen und natürlich von dir, zu sehen..... urlaubsstimmung pur....
schade, dass es schon vorbei ist... aber schön, dich hoffentlich bald mal wieder zu sehen....
alles gute

Rai999 hat gesagt…

Wirklich schade, dass es vorbei ist. Wir hatten vor geraumer Zeit deinen Blog verlinkt und regelmässig besucht.
Rai von